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Flea And Tick Drops 50ml


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In stock

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Milk thistle herb, also known as St Mary's thistle Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is a flowering plant that contains the flavonoid compound silymarin in the seeds and although the terms milk thistle and silymarin are often used interchangeably, silymarin is the part of the plant that has the beneficial properties.

Milk thistle, is one of the most powerful and beneficial herbs for the liver to assist in detoxification of medications and other chemicals products. It is particularly helpful if your dog is currently taking steroidal medications such as macrolone and it can safely be taken in conjunction with these medications to support the liver in the detoxification of these substances.

It is also highly beneficial when taken for a few days around the time of administering any conventional flea tick and worming formulations as a way of reducing any chemical reaction to these products. (NB: we do strongly recommend avoiding these types of chemically based products where possible). It is helpful in cases of di


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