A healthy adult dog needs to be fed around 2% – 3% of its body weight each day!

Weight 5kg 10kg 15kg 20kg 25kg 30kg 35kg 40kg 45kg
2% 100g 200g 300g 400g 500g 600g 700g 800g 900g
3% 150g 300g 450g 600g 750g 900g 1050g 1200g 1350g

Puppies (under 12 months) should be fed approximately 5% of their body weight per day in Raw 4 Paws as a complete diet divided into 3 meals up until they are at least 10 months old, or until they have finished growing. Dogs from 12 months and older should be fed 2% – 3% of their body weight in 1 – 2 meals per day.

If you are feeding your dog 1 meal per day, it is best to feed them around dusk in the cooler part of the day. Note: Overnight to around 11am is when natural detoxing takes place so it is best (but not essential) not to feed between these times if you can help it.

Why should you change your dogs diet to RAW??

If you are considering to, or are already feeding your pet a Raw diet you are taking the “Health is the Best Defence” approach!

There are many benefits of feeding your pet Raw, one being that your pets body will absorb all of the wonderful nutrients and your dogs stools will be smaller and less smelly. However during the transition period (going from your regular food to a Raw Diet) you may notice a change in bowel habits. It is recommended to transition gradually so that your dogs gut can get rid of the unwanted residue from their previous diet, and begin to absorb the nutrients from the new diet.

If your dog is accepting his/her new food, is drinking and is happy that is a great transition to a wonderful new healthy happy life for your four legged family member. You will soon begin to notice an improvement in your dogs overall appearance, behaviour and temperament!

What are the benefits of feeding a raw food diet?

  • You control what your pet eats. Feeding your pet is not rocket science as pet food companies would have you believe.
  • A healthier animal resulting in fewer veterinary bills.
  • Your pet will eat what it is anatomically designed to eat – dentition design, oesophageal action, digestive tract and elimination. None of these aspects of canine anatomy supports digestion of grain-based commercial kibbles.
  • Balanced energy: hyper animals become calmer, lethargic ones become energetic.
  • Naturally clean teeth – no need for toothbrushes, de-scaling jobs, or gum disease.
  • Smaller, nearly odourless stools which disintegrate quickly.
  • Puppies develop at a more appropriate rate – and quick growth spurts are avoided.
  • Reduced chemical exposure (found in commercial foods)
  • No “doggy” odour. Fresh smelling breath. No more noxious gas elimination!
  • Often, reversal of behaviour and physical ailments
  • Elimination of bloat

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