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Duck for CATS 500g – Right Start


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In stock

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100% premium raw & natural cat food. Tathra duck minced. Nothing added. RSPF is Australia's first pet food company providing 100% ethically produced, pasture raised, free range pure whole Tathra duck. This human-grade duck is used by hatted restaurants and premium human food retailers throughout Australia.

This is the newest premium raw cat food on the market. Revolutionising nutrition for cats. Duck for cats offers all the nutrients needed for cats at all stages throughout their lives. It is rare you will find natural and raw cat food on the Aussie market today offering all of this in one meal. It is nutrient dense, and the cleanest of pure proteins you can feed to your pet. This meal mimics a whole prey animal they would consume in the wild, as nature intended for our feline friends. Our duck for cats has been carefully formulated with strict guidelines sourcing a complete whole-food they have enjoyed for over 30 million years.


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