Are you someone who, where possible, uses natural medicine for yourself and/or your family? 🌿 🧡

Have you ever considered the overuse of chemicals and medicines on your four-legged family? 🤔

Well, here is something to think about. We are slowly increasing our homeopathic remedies in store. These products are all created by an experienced animal naturopathic consultant. 

We provide chemical free options for flea and tick, worming, detoxing, fungal remedies, and much more.

We also offer a range of Natural Animal Solutions products to combat annoying and hard to treat ailments, as well as Hemp Seed Oils and Nectars. 

At Raw Fur Sure Pet Supplies, we advocate for pet health and wellbeing. Using these products (where applicable) alongside a raw and natural diet, your pet can just go on living their best life free from nasty chemical intervention, as nature intended. 

Feel free to pop into Bundaberg’s favourite little shop all about DOGS and CATS where Food is Medicine and ask us how we can help! 🐕 🐩 You can even bring your dog in to say hi!

Open Tuesday to Saturday

Corner of Princess and Scotland St’s Bundaberg East