Pancreatitis in Dogs: The Ultimate Guide to Safe and Healthy Foods 🦴

It seems recently that a lot more dogs seem to suffer from pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is an inflammatory reaction within the pancreas that results in abdominal pain, vomiting, lethargy and loss of appetite. Pancreatitis can be very uncomfortable, and requires careful management to ensure your pet is kept happy and in good health. Most dogs can live a full normal life after diagnosis, especially after a change of diet.



In many cases, processed foods can contribute and sometimes even cause pancreatitis. Most ‘pet food’ companies spray their kibble with animal fat to make it taste better; this unwillingly provides too much fat in your pets’ diet. Additionally, over processing of omega 3’s or fats in food can quickly become rancid, mostly when they are then exposed to oxygen. Unfortunately, this is what causes oxidisation and inflammation in your pets body, as the pancreas cannot keep up. 

So, what should you feed a dog with pancreatitis? Many of the pets with pancreatitis are referred to as ‘spleen chi deficient’, meaning their digestive tract is working overtime, causing inflammation. A slow and gentle transition to fresh raw food can make a big impact on your pancreatitis prone dog. A low fat protein is best suited such as Kangaroo, Goat or even Turkey. Real fats such as flaxseed and green lipped mussel are actually good for your dog as these are used as an anti-inflammatory aid improving the dog’s digestion, and in some cases help heal your dogs’ pancreatic issues. 

It is also an added benefit to provide your dog with a probiotic (with digestive enzymes), as this can take some pressure off the pancreas and also breaks down the food into smaller molecules aiding digestion. 

It is never easy seeing your beloved pet unwell, this is why it is recommended to become aware of what ingredients go into your pets meals. Our pets deserve wholesome fresh food to keep them healthy, just as we do. Therefore, by avoiding processed foods and treats, and slowly introducing high quality fresh food (just like the food and treats available at Raw Fur Sure) and considering the use of digestive enzymes you can help support your pets’ pancreas as well as their overall health. 


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Please speak to your vet before making drastic changes to your pancreatitis dogs’ diet, as they can assist you along the way. Raw Fur Sure takes no responsibility or liability for any decisions made based on this information.